Cancer Immunotherapy via Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Production

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We specialize in personalized cancer immunotherapy: using modalities in order to specifically attack your cancer, thus the better your chances are at success and recovery. Contact us directly at:


We provide compassionate treatments of:

  • Dendritic Cell Therapy & Relate Cancer Vaccines
  • Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
  • Natural Killer-like Cells
  • CAR-T Cell Therapy

We use the patient’s own Dendritic Cells, along with the patient’s own tumor lysate and/or synthetic peptides (WT1-I, WT1-II, MUC1, and others), on an immediate basis. With these and other materials, we reprogram the patient’s immune cells outside the body to form Dendritic Cells, expose these activated cells to the cancer’s peptides, and re-infuse the vaccines back into the patient to stimulate a targeted immune response.

Additional immunotherapy treatments (PD-L1 inhibitors, etc.) may also be offered.

Costs of Targeted Immunotherapy Treatments Worldwide Vary

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We may include:

  • Nutritional IVs and other natural therapies and enzymes specifically to boost the immune system, and help prevent metastasis
  • Vaccines activated against each peptide/tumor lysate
    • Each vaccine is made individually and specifically for the patient
    • Each vaccine is made as needed
    • Each vaccine is made using the patient’s own blood or apheresis material
    • Each vaccine is made using the patient’s own processed tumor cells and/or synthetic peptides, specifically made
    • Each vaccine made is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process

We hope that we can serve as an additional/adjunctive option in your treatment process.

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Cancer Immunotherapy History of Development

Cancer Immunotherapy via Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Production

Cancer Immunotherapy via Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Production

Cancer Immunotherapy via Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Production is available at the Integrative Cancer Treatment & Research Center (ICT-RC). There are now immunologic treatments against cancer called adaptive immunotherapy. Dendritic Cell Therapy is a relatively new and promising immunotherapeutic approach we can provide for the specific treatment of cancer using the patient’s own immune cells.

The immune system is composed by a complex network of organs and specialized cell types able to recognize and eliminate foreign entities throughout the body. Some immune cells can track down a diseased tissue and coordinate an immune attack on the diseased cells, while sparing the surrounding healthy cells. This natural capacity to detect and eliminate abnormal cells prevents the development of many cancers every day. However, cancer cells are sometimes able to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system.

Cancer immunotherapy employs the cellular components of a persons’ own immune system to fight cancer. These new therapies, which include cancer vaccines, have been extensively studied by the medical and scientific community in recent years. Cancer Immunotherapy via Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Production is available at ICT-RC.


Immunotherapy overviewImmunotherapy provide by Integrative Cancer Treatment & Research Center is an autologous process that involves the harvesting of peripheral blood Mononuclear cells from the patient’s own blood. Cells are then cultured and reprogrammed using growth factors (cytokines). These reprogrammed cells  are then matured into dendritic cells by exposing them to the patient’s own inactivated tumor cells (biopsy). If the biopsy is unavailable, certain tumor-specific proteins may be used.  Matured dendritic cells are then injected sub-dermally near the patient’s lymph nodes. This provides the necessary impetus the body needs to specifically fight against the cancer systemically. Cancer Immunotherapy via Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Production is available at ICT-RC.

History of Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunotherapy History of Development


Dendritic cell have many functions in the human body. They present antigens, activate T cells, maintain the immune tolerance, and maintain the immune memory in tandem with B cells.


Ralph Steinman described these cells nearly thirty years ago. He found a population of striking dendritic-shaped cells in the spleen. Dendritic cells exist in all lymphoid and most non-lymphoid tissues. Ralph M. Steinman received The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2011 “for his discovery of the dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity”.


These cells are immune cells that form part of the mammalian’s immune system. They are present in most tissues, including the skin,  the inner lining of the nose, lungs, stomach and intestines. The Dendritic Cell’s main function is to present antigens to the immune system.

Dendritic cells migrate to the lymphoid tissues once activated and there they interact with T cells and B cells to initiate and shape the adaptive immune response.  Dendtitic cells are a highly specialized subtype of white blood cell with a unique function. They can pick up foreign cells or cell particles including cancer cells with the help of tentacle-like structures called “dendrites”. Cancer antigens are processed by Dendritic Cells and these “cancer pieces” (antigens) are then displayed on the cell surface of the dendritic cells. This anitgen displayed pieces are then recognized by other cellular effector cells that recognize and destroy tumor cells. In this way, Dendritic cells “tutor” the effector cells as to what type of cells are harmful or harmless to the body and activate or suppress the immune system respectively, to either destroy cells such as tumor cells via killer cells or shut down the immune system to keep it from over-activating and causing autoimmune disease or organ rejection.Cancer Immunotherapy via Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Production


Dendritic cells jumpstart the immune response by bringing the foreign substance to the attention of the rest of the immune system (mostly T lymphocyte cells). If activated, the immune system is then able to circulate throughout the body and destroy the cancer cells.


All solid cancers can theoretically be treated by dendritic cells therapy.


The best time is prior to any biopsy or tumor removal so an integrative and conjunctive approach can be provided to the patient using the best the allopathic and integrative medicine can provide. The patient can consider Immunotherapy at any time.


Responses have generally been promising as it is an autologous process that directly addresses an active immune response against the cancer itself. Depending on the type of cancer, and the functional status of patients, the response may differ from patient to patient. The most effective type of immunotherapy is Cancer immunotherapy via patient-specific dendritic cell programming.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

We address all forms of cancers at various stages. We offer our patients the best treatment options when addressing cancer. These options include alternative and integrative cancer treatment options, cancer co-management therapies, nutrition, intravenous nutrition, and cancer immunotherapies. A type of Immunotherapy called Cancer Vaccines is a Patient-Specific Dendritic Cell Programming.

Many patients come to us wondering why pricing varies so much around the world, or even within the Philippines itself. The short answer is that facilities often mislead patients into what they will actually be doing by using the keyword “Immunotherapy”. To clarify, think of “Immunotherapy” as a category and within that category are lots of immunotherapies, even chemotherapy could essentially be called an immunotherapy. Additional things included in this category are: Kinase inhibitors, Checkpoint inhibitors (pd-1), Therapeutic Anti-cancer vaccines (Autologous Dendritic Cell Therapy using the patient’s cancer tissue), Adoptive Cell Therapy (Autologous Dendritic Cell Therapy, Wt-1, TL), Monoclonal antibodies (against Her3, mtor, EGFR, VEGF), and Autologous Stem Cell Therapy (producing the patient’s own T Cells, Natural Killer Cells, or reprogramming dendritic cells from a patient’s induced pluripotent stem cells).

Our team integrates a holistic treatment protocol. Trust and genuine care are the foundation of our relationship with each of our clients.

We specializes in natural intravenous infusions and autologous and activated/matured dendritic cell vaccines for patients. We are one of the few facilities in Asia to offer such autologous – patient derived treatments.

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